Danger Russell Wilson is correct – NFL is back!

Russell Wilson hobbled for majority of the second half but just like magic he stepped for the Seattle Seahawks in their 12-10 win over the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins were dominant all game but what happens when their best unit is without two of their main players – Earl Mitchell and Mario Williams?

A last minute drive and game winning touchdown from Wilson himself – a 75-yard scoring drive.

Many questioned whether the Hawks could continue without their beast Marshawn Lynch and they leaned heavily on Wilson but if that is what he can do not at full strength – the NFL will have to look out.

He threw a career high of 43 passes, many which came after his ankle injury, and he did not miss a snap as glided his throw to Doug Baldwin Jnr – a dramatic finish at the CenturyLink Field.

One touchdown, one interception and 258 yards passing – Wilson still remains one of the most interesting and exciting quarterbacks on the scene.

After the third quarter, the game was 6-3 in favour of Seahawks but Cassius Marsh stepped up and made things interesting.

A standout special team’s defensive end player for Seattle he blocked a 27-yard field-goal in a move that instantly made him the player of the game.

Marsh gained three solo tackles, had one blocked kick and one sack on Ryan Tannehill. He was described as ridiculous.

And he was, he more than made up for his miscue when he missed timed a run which allowed Miami to rip off a 50-yard-pass as Seattle allowed only five pass plays of more than 40 yards all of last season.

Tannehill did manage an efficient 86-yard drive that appeared to secure a huge upset for prior to the magnificent partnership of Wilson and Baldwin.

CenturyLink’s 12s were once again out in force and Wilson climbed up in the record books – 47 quarterback wins as he moved into seventh place for most regular seasons wins for a quarterback in their first five.

Seattle always adopt sayings before during and after their games and this week it was, protect home turf, build a bridge and the difference between a mob and a movement is a follow through.

It is their work as a team that has allowed them to come as far as they have in the past few years, one trophy and two Superbowl finals, they are most definitely a team to watch in postseason.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Seattle Seahawks



I experienced a little bit of history and of course ate some fish – Morecambe

As I was set to travel twice in one week up to the north of England, I decided to get the train from London Euston to Morecambe.

The train took just over three hours and I felt calm and relaxed ahead of watching Leyton Orient win 2-1.

I met a lovely O’s fan called Jeff who kindly offered me a lift to the Globe Arena and it was there I heard something truly fascinating.

Morecambe’s tide goes out for miles from the coastline that it stretches to almost one mile and a half out, it goes out so quickly that sometimes you cannot even see it!

But it also comes in at a rate of knots too that it seems to be one of the fastest tides in the UK.

I had enough time after the match interviews to walk through the town and back to the train station and you guessed it! Grabbed myself another portion of a sea side’s town first and chips.

What was quite sad is, I bet Morecambe was a great seaside town to visit in its hayday.

A lot of it seemed to be run down but that is surely no fault of their own. Many families prefer to go abroad and it seems out of them all Blackpool has been the only one to miss the cut to visits to the seaside for a holiday.

But now to the fish and chips! WOW! For £5.80 for fish and chips and a can of Vimto I was delivered a HUGE portion.

Now, while I cannot quite compare it to Grimsby as I sat in a restaurant there rather than got a takeaway, the fish was so fresh and it was from Atkinson’s just off the main seafront around a 15 minute walk from the station.

The weather was not great, but as I waited for the train back to Lancaster the food kept me warm and was absolutely delicious – it is highly recommended.

So it is Au Revoir to Morecambe and onto the next seaside visit in October – Southend on a Tuesday night!

This weekend is a jaunt to Carlisle but I am stretching the barriers out ever so slightly and heading to the Lake District – I’ll keep you updated!